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Current Services

Call or text the CalHOPE Warm Line: (833) 317-HOPE (4673)

The CalHOPE warm line connects callers to people who have persevered through struggles with stress, anxiety, depression—emotions triggered by circumstances and events in everyday life. The peer counselors listen with compassion, provide non-judgmental support, and guide you to additional resources that can give hope and help you cope.

CalHOPE Connect

CalHOPE Connect offers safe, secure, and culturally sensitive emotional support for all Californians who may need support related to stress, anxiety, depression, and worries we face.

CalHOPE partnered with California Mental Health Services Association, which has a statewide experienced workforce comprised of peers, community mental health workers, and other non-licensed personnel. Individuals in need of emotional and/or crisis support can receive “visits” by phone, videoconference, or online live chat. Depending upon needs and situation, family and group support sessions are also available. Individuals may also be connected to county-based services. CalHOPE Connect offers culturally sensitive emotional support for the following populations:

CalHOPE Red Line

The CalHOPE Red Line, a peer support program run by the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health (CCUIH), is a phone, live chat, and video chat service providing National, State, and County resources, referrals, and trauma-informed support for Urban Indian and Tribal populations. These include resources related to stress, anxiety, social services, and financial resources.

CalHOPE Student Support

The CalHOPE Student Support program trains teachers and school staff to provide crisis counseling. The trainings assist school employees to identify children whose behavior reveals mental health distress, provide basic supportive interventions such as validating feelings, help youth articulate their feelings and needs, and provide emotional support and connection to appropriate mental health resources. CalHOPE partnered with the Sacramento County Office of Education to implement and administer the CalHOPE Student Support program. Contact Brent Malicote (Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services) for more information.

Together for Wellness

The CalHOPE Together for Wellness website offers easy-to-navigate wellness tools, including ones that educate and provide stress-management and coping skills. DHCS partnered with two University of California campuses—Los Angeles and Davis—to create these online resources to support Californians. A Spanish version of the CalHOPE Together for Wellness website, Juntos por Nuestro Bienestar, is also available, along with eight other languages providing culturally appropriate content aimed at teaching coping skills and stress management techniques.

CalHOPE Schools Initiative

CalHOPE Schools provides a single point of access for several programs: Angst: Building Resilience; A Trusted Space: Redirecting Grief to Growth; and Stories of Hope: SHORTS. These video tools and exercises are available at no cost to all public schools in California! They can help reduce the stigma associated with an individual seeking support for their mental well-being, build supportive environments, and teach how to recognize the signs of mental stress and duress in colleagues, students, and family members.