​​​CalHOPE Outreach Toolkit

County Toolkit

We have created a toolkit with downloadable, branded materials to help you spread the word about the CalHOPE mental health servi​ces in your communities.
​Download the entire toolkit here, or download each part separately ​below. 

download full toolkit

Branding Style Guide​

This document explains the CalHOPE​​ brand and how to properly use it.

download branding guidelines

CalHOPE Main Logo

Get the main logo along with all approved color variations here.

download CalHOPE main logo

Communications Toolkit

This document explains how to use the templates provided on this page and also gives tips on the best ways to communicate the CalHOPE message.​

download CalHOPE communications toolkit

Phases of Disaster Handout

Get the CalHOPE branded version of the Phases of Disaster from SAMHSA​ here.​

download phases of disaster handout

SAMHSA Downloads

Below are some helpful resources from SAMHSA.

CalHOPE Support​ Resources: